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THE GOLDEN FUTURE - a preview of God's promised time of peace and happiness

GOD'S FULFILLING PURPOSE - An outline of God's work with and goal for all mankind.

THREE STORIES OF SALVATION - based on Jesus' work among people at the First Advent.

FUTURE PROBATION IN CHRISTIAN BELIEF - A 90-page treatise about conversion in life after death.

PARADISE ON EARTH - An examination of the Scriptural basis for the Millennium

The Cup of the Lord

A Glimpse of God’s Plan

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PROPHECY    Return to the top

THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY - The nature of predictive prophecy and principles of its interpretation.

Jacob’s Trouble

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DOCTRINAL    Return to the top

THE CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE OF BAPTISM - Scriptural teaching and its importance

THE ALMIGHTY - THE ETERNAL - An in depth study of the relationship between the Father and the Son.

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HISTORICAL    Return to the top

THE MISSION OF JONAH - A full examination with evidence of its historical accuracy.

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IN THE LAND OF BEGINNING AGAIN - Five stories of life on Earth as it may be in God's Kingdom.

Watcher in Gethsemane

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PAMPHLETS 12-16 pages    Return to the top

No.31 The Bible - Book for Today

No.32 World Conversion - When?

No.33 The Divine Permission of Evil.

No.34 Everlasting Punishment.

No.35 Conversion in the After-life

No.36 The Resurrection of the Dead

No.38 The Call and Destiny of Israel.

No.39 The Personality of the Devil.

No.40 Gifts of the Spirit.

No.41 Man in the Image of God.

No.42 The Call and Purpose of the Church.

No.44 The Reality of God.

No.45 The Destiny of Man.

The Antiquity of the Books of Moses

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LEAFLETS    Return to the top

The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

Good News for All.

Jesus The Challenge

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