Everlasting Punishment
A Pamphlet

This is a 12 page booklet on 2 words in Matt.25:46 which have entertained ideas of terrible penalties for sin that never end. The writer of this short, small work endeavours to look closely into those two words and discovers that the "God of love" did not have that in mind which was only a translation from a book in Greek of the 1st Century. It shows from Scripture that the death of a human is only one incident in a long process and how sin and death will disappear. (1 Cor.1:24‑28).The pamphlet investigates other New Testament words which have produced misunderstandings long after they were first written 2,000 years ago such "damnation" and "hell". One suggestion is that some passages are metaphors. It concludes with a consideration of the consequence of sin in full light and after a full opportunity where the individual"s sole will incurs the final verdict.

"in regard to...the fullness of the appointed times, to re‑unite all things under one head, even under the Anointed one;—the things in the heavens, and the things on the earth,—under him" (Ephesians 1:10 Diaglott )

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