The Victory

There is a glory in the cross,
A mystery at the heart of pain,
A force that turns accepted loss
Into the joy of harvest grain.

It is the secret of the seed
That lies forsaken in the cold—
It multiplies as waving wheat,
It dies, to live a thousandfold!

It is the story of a Man
Who died upon a barren hill—
But death could not for long restrain
That radiant Life that feeds us still.

It is His strong affirming power
That lifts our vision as we pray,
And turns each dark defeated hour
Into a resurrection day.

And still the alchemy divine
Revives, renews with living breath,
Transforming water into wine
And bringing triumph out of death.

O what a miracle of grace!
What mighty quickening from above!
It is the victory of the cross,
The resurrection power of love.

Margot King‑Smith