In the Well with God

A young boy, walking through the field one day, preoccupied in thought, fell into a well. He was not hurt; however, his mother, on finding him, but unable to extricate him from the well at the moment, stood at the mouth of the well speaking comforting words to him. Sensing his mother’s anxiety, he said to her, "Mother, do not worry, I was talking to God when he and I fell into this well together."

How comforting, when in the furnace of affliction, to know that He is there with us, too!

A. C. Frey
Deep Waters and a Bubbling Brook

Rain cloud

God often digs wells of joy with
the spade of sorrow and adversity.
Blessed is the man who digs a well
from which another may draw faith.
The well of God’s promises is deep and full;
it is the buckets of our faith
that we bring to it that are small.