Prayers for Children


Dear Father, hear a little child
Who offers thanks to Thee;
Through all the darkness
Thou hast kept
A watch‑care over me.
O Father, keep me through this day,
I would to Thee belong;
May love control my little hands,
May kindness rule my tongue.
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done
Upon this earth again;
Dear Father, hear my little prayer,
For Jesus’ sake.


Dear LORD,
before sweet slumber comes
To close my weary eyes,
Up to Thy throne of heavenly grace
My voice in prayer would rise,
For all the blessings of this day
I give Thee thanks and praise;
Forgive me, Lord, For Jesus’ sake,
For all my naughty ways:
And as I lay me down to sleep
Do Thou an angel send
To watch beside me all the night,
For Jesus’ sake.

Rebecca Doney
The Call of the Bride