My Witnesses

"Ye shall be my witnesses..." was the promise given by our Lord to those who were with him before his Ascension. (Acts 1:8 RV) So often these words are interpreted to mean that the Apostles would become preachers of the Word, but such interpretation is only part of the whole meaning of witness. Instead of confining the idea of "witness" to the evidence given in a court of law, we should remember that we use the word in other senses, as, for instance, when we speak of a spectator as a witness. Probably the best sense of the word, however, as far as Christianity is concerned, is that implied by the Psalmist when he says, of the moon, that it is "a faithful witness in heaven." That celestial body witnesses to the sun by reflecting the light of the sun. The Christian’s duty, therefore, is to reflect his Lord, and to be the faithful witness of the activity of the Holy Spirit in the world.

"It shall be established for ever as the moon, and as a faithful witness in heaven. Selah." (Psalm 89:37)

Bible Study Monthly
July/August 1990