Fishing Nets

The New Testament mentions different types of nets used in fishing. These include the small cast net that was thrown out by hand, and the large drag net that was several hundred yards long and whose two ends were laboriously hauled into shore. Many of Jesus’ disciples were fishermen, and the Bible also mentions the work of maintaining the nets, including washing (Luke 5:2), spreading and drying (Ezek.47:10), and mending. (Matt.4:21)

The Galilee Boat

Jesus spent much of his time around the Sea of Galilee, and even on fishing boats in the sea. In 1985, such a boat from Jesus’ time was recovered from the mud of the seabed, which was exposed during a drought. The boat would have been rowed by four men, could hold up to 15 men, and could easily have accommodated Jesus and his disciples.

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