mountainA hill in Moab, opposite Jericho, (Num.21:20) whence Balaam, (Num.23:14) and Moses saw the land of Israel. (Deut.3:27; 34:1)

Concise Bible Dictionary, Cambridge Bible

Mount Nebo is the highest among a handful of Pisgah summits; an arid cluster of hilltops on the western edge of the Transjordanian plateau.


Mount Nebo.

The exact spot whence Moses gazed is unknown, but Nebo is a site about which there is no dispute. The name belongs to a knoll "with traces of a ring dolmens on it." Major Conder first observed them. It is a flat summit with a narrow ridge running out west between Heshbon and Medeba; on this ridge a height rises—the highest peak of all—called Siaghah; this is Pisgah. Below, on the north, are the "Springs of Moses," as the Arabs call a stream that flows through a picturesque valley and falls over the cliff into a flowery and fern‑decked hollow. These springs were called the Baths of Moses in the Middle Ages.

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