Thought for the Month

Climate change has come sharply into focus this year with claims there is a worldwide climate emergency. Therefore the then, Prime Minister Theresa May committed to cut greenhouse gas emissions to almost zero by 2050 in the U.K. She said there is a "moral duty to leave the world in a better condition than what we inherited". This went further than the Climate Change Act 2008 which tied the country in to reduce emissions by 80%.

Many have perused the thought that this will be a challenge for the economy. The British Chancellor of the Exchequer stated that it would cost £1 trillion by 2050. Phil Taylor of Newcastle University said the "UK Policy is still way off the mark and the foundations are not in place to be able to meet this target. Even with all the evidence before us we are still opening new mines, extending Heathrow Airport and flirting with fracking". Here there are two projects which will add to greenhouse emissions. Mrs. May stated though "you can lower emissions...and have economic growth at the same time."

Water is important to sustain life. Too much or too little is a problem. Places like Australia have a lack of water as does the Sahara Desert which has been increasing in size. Flooding, often blamed upon climate change even if only for the frequency of the floods, has become a problem. This summer in June there was flooding in Lincolnshire. Siberia, Russia has also been hit by flooding with twelve killed and nine missing according to ‘i’ on 2 July. Fifty‑five towns and villages were affected. For the Christian it’s the former, drought, that is a spiritual drought which must be avoided. We need the water of life. David knew that he could do this by seeking God as he wrote in Psalm 63:1, from his time in the wilderness of Judah. For the Christian needs to be watered like James 5:7‑8 says of the former or latter rains that we may grow in grace and knowledge and be found producing the fruits of the spirit, such as patience, joy and love.

Despite these concerns about the climate the message in Gen.8:22 gives the comfort that while the earth remains there will be seedtime and harvest. Harvest is important as it provides food for the hungry. In an unequal world some are going hungry, some only get sufficient food if they use food banks and yet obesity is a growing problem. Obesity affects health as on 3 July Sky News stated that obesity was the major cause in four cancers now rather than smoking. Focus has been placed on sugar recently in drinks and processed food. Processed food has also been criticized for adversely affecting health in Western Europe.

Weather metaphors are used in the scriptures particularly in relation to prophecy. Asaph in Psalm 83:13‑15 used the wind and whirlwind to convey the thought of divine judgment on those coming against Israel. Jesus in Luke 21 referred to signs in the sun, in the seas and waves roaring to express the state of society and nature of events at the end of the age.

Nevertheless a wonderful prospect awaits the Church class to reach the waiting arms of the Father at our appointed time. A marvellous prospect awaits all men and women in the paradise that God has planned when climate change will be a concern of the past, as well as pollution and natural disasters. What exactly mankind will eat and drink and how the world will be powered one cannot be totally sure but it will be very good.