The Latter Rain

James 5:7

The latter rain is falling,
Just like Mount Hermon’s dew;
And our Great God Jehovah,
Is making all things new.

We’ve reached the end of harvest,
And the gleaning must be done;
Let us go into the vineyard,
In obedience to God’s Son.

Jordan’s banks are overflowing,
And the priests are standing by;
They must step into the Jordan,
Then the seabed will be dry.

For Joshua, our Great Leader,
He now issues his commands;
We must be strong and of good courage,
We’ve approached the promised land.

We draw closer to Mount Zion,
Where God’s heavenly angels stand;
Let’s throw off weights of sin now,
As Joshua demands.

So brethren let’s go forward,
Jordan’s waters are a heap;
Let us stand upon the seabed,
As God’s obedient sheep.

For our Leader gives assurance,
Of his backing and his love;
Let’s praise his name forever‑
Our glorious God above.

Where Eagles Gather
Rosemary Page