When the baby was put into the camels’ hair cradle, the mother would swing him on to her back, putting the straps on to her forehead, thus taking the whole weight on her head. If the sun was hot she would pull her long veil through the straps of the cradle and cover the baby right over, so that as she walked down the street one could only see the straps on her forehead and a large hump under the veil, and one knew there must be a baby there, perfectly safe and protected. This was probably how Mary would have carried her baby Jesus.

When Moses was blessing the tribes of Israel, this was the illustration used in the blessing to Benjamin. "The beloved of the LORD shall dwell in safety by Him; and the Lord shall cover him all the day long, and he shall dwell between his shoulders." (Deut.33:12) It is a wonderful picture of the tender love and care of God for his children.

Customs and Costumes in Bible Days
I.E.D. Gollmick