God’s Safe Holding


Hold Thou me up, in Christ in heavenly places,
To view my life from that triumphant height,
So shall my soul grow strong with patient courage
To run the race and wage the daily fight.
How light and brief the present conflict seemeth,
And short the way to that eternal rest,
When eyes of faith gaze smiling from the shelter
Of Love’s safe holding to my Saviour’s breast.

Hold Thou me up, in Christ with full dominion
O’er my weak flesh and subtle self‑desire,
Spurning each snare, sweet‑baited by the Tempter,
Guarding my robe from spot of earthly mire.
Held by Thy power, no darkness can confound me,
Not haunting fears my trusting heart alarm,
Thy grace and strength are perfected in weakness,
And none can pluck me from Thy `circling arm.
Hold Thou me up in Christ, my righteous cov’ring,

Till crowned immortal I in glory shine;
For now I live through His life pulsing in me,
As lives the branch by dwelling in the vine.
Father, I yield in grateful heart‑submission
To Thy keen blade of purging pain and woe;
Prune as Thou wilt, and perfect love’s fruition:
From luscious grapes sweet wine of joy will flow.

Hold Thou me up, in Christ a living member,
Swift to obey the promptings of His will,
My words and deeds His mind alone expressing
As I with joy my task of love fulfill.
If I would reign with Him, a king in glory,
Here I must share His sacrifice and shame,
So, Father, help me bear the cross with Jesus
Till life will end in praise to Thy dear name.

Minna Edgar