Wonderful Hands

Praying handsA jockey commenting upon the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem said what wonderful hands Jesus must have had. From long experience he knew what it takes to control a sensitive animal amid a shouting crowd. The hands of Jesus laid upon the neck of the donkey which carried Him were able to control the animal amid deafening noise, waving branches and the continuous movement of people around Him. And this colt was ‘unbroken’. How did He do it? Those hands had developed in the carpenter’s shop of Nazareth, cutting roof beams and shaping yokes. Those sensitive fingers had touched sightless eyes of the blind and the burning hand of Peter’s mother‑in‑law. Those strong but tender hands had lifted a child for blessing. With those hands He had broken bread at the Supper with the disciples. The disciples had seen those hands, which had done so much for so many, torn by cruel nails on the cross, so that we might be healed from our sin. It was for us that "He hung and suffered there."

Then on that resurrection day, the unbelieving disciples saw those hands again. In various ways He had made Himself known to His followers; in a familiar voice that called one by name, in the breaking of bread and in a miracle by Galilee Lake; but none could have been so charged with meaningful emotion as when in that upper room unbelieving eyes looked upon the nail pierced hands. "Then were the disciples glad, when they saw the Lord." (John 20:20) What joy thrilled their hearts as they saw those wonderful hands once more, lifted up in blessing His disciples at His departure on Olivet. Should we not greet each other as brothers and sisters did of old, "Hallelujah—the Lord is risen"–"The Lord is risen indeed"?