Our Humble King


Not in a coach of gold and glass
The Master—he came riding past;
But he chose a humble beast,
Our reigning King—the Prince of Peace.

They spread their cloaks upon the ground,
And there was gladness all around;
They waved a palm branch—every one,
All in homage—to God’s Son.

As to Jerus’lem he drew near
All the people—they did cheer;
They little knew, what they would do,
Before this special week was through.

For on that sad and bitter day,
They all did turn their face away;
They all deserted—left alone—
The Great Messiah—for God’s throne.

He came with love—he came to give,
He gave his life—that we might live;
Yet—multitudes, they knew him not,
So very few—a little flock.

Yes, carriages of gold and glass,
Belong to quite a different class;
For like the Master—we must be,
And follow in humility.

Where Eagles Gather
Rosemary Page