Thoughts on God’s Way

God is so interested in us that he takes us one by one and arranges for every detail of our life. To him there are no little things. The God of the infinite is the God of the infinitesimal. He cannot forget the saints whom he has engraven on the palms of his hands.

songs of the nightingale

His Way is Best

     JUST why I suffer loss
     I cannot know;
     I only know my Father
     Wills it so.
He leads in paths I cannot understand:
But all the way, I know, is wisely planned.
     My life is only mine
     That I may use
     The gifts He lendeth me
     As He may choose.
And, if in love some boon He doth recall,
I know that unto Him belongeth all.
     I am his child, and I
     Can safely trust;
     He loves me, and I know
     That He is just;
Within His love I can securely rest,
Assured that what He does for me is best.

Poems of Dawn