Man in the Image of God

A Booklet

Newly printed this year with colour images this booklet was written by Albert Hudson 50 years ago.

The Night SkyIt shows how man is supremely, even marvellously, adapted to this our planet. It shows by scripture how man was created with mental qualities above the animals with an ability to communicate and appreciate a creator outside of this earthly plane.

It reminds the reader that people were made of the dust of the ground primarily from four elements—oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen–to become living beings. However because of the fall each dies like the animals and returns to the dust of the ground because "the wages of sin is death". (Rom.6:23)

Demonstrated is the intelligence and power of God whose plan includes the resurrection which today gives great hope now and in the future through the death and resurrection of Jesus. This resurrection can be separated into two—an earthly and a celestial one. Then in the fullness of time at a day to come, at last, the world will live in absolute happiness and contentment.

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