Another Year,
Clean and New

SunriseThe day was done and in the west
The sun was settling down to rest.
The saddened earth midst toil and strife,
Bereft of Nature’s garb of life,
Her bosom stained with sin and blight,
Was glad to hide beneath the night.

SunriseThe darkness passed; a glittering day
Breaks forth beneath the sun’s glad ray.
O perfect day! O glorious sight!
God’s hand hath clothed the earth in white!
All Nature sings, while Heaven above
Floods a spotless earth with love.

The year has passed and fades from view;
God gives another, clean and new.Sunrise
Our sad mistakes are covered quite
Beneath His blessed Robe of White.
Lord, may we profit by the past
And in the coming year hold fast.

Poems of Dawn