The FoxTis the Crafty
Little Foxes

A Hymn

'Tis the crafty little foxes
Stealing in so still and sly
Tiny, prying, peeping fellows
Seeking to escape your eye;
These are daily mischief makers,
Slyly working their designs,
Till at last we learn the lesson:
"Little foxes spoil the vines."

The FoxChorus:
Little foxes, little foxes,
Slyly working their designs
'Tis these crafty little foxes
Creeping in that spoil the vines.

Great big foxes could not enter,
For we every one would spy;
We're so watchful for the large ones
They could never pass us by;
But the small ones are so cunning
That we think they do no harm;
So the tender vines they damage
Long before we feel alarm.

You must watch for "Little Cheater,"
For he creeps in very still;
"Didn't Think," and "Didn't Mean To,"
Follow him the vines to kill.
Then there is "Exaggeration,"
Followed close by "Fibber" small;
"Selfishness" and "Little Meddler"
These are evil foxes all.

Every little heart's a garden,
Planted by a hand divine;
If these little foxes enter
They will ruin every vine.
We must ask the Lord to keep us
And to help us every day;
Then the vines will grow to fruitage
And the foxes run away.

C.M. Seamans