Thought for the Month

At this season of the year our minds are on the Last Supper, Jesus' death and his resurrection on the third day. Are these just technical details and how does this affect our daily lives?

Paul used the example of not muzzling an ox while they work in the farm environment to prevent them eating what they had been set to work at to the way he lived his life as an apostle especially to the Gentiles in 1 Cor.9:9‑10 thus also showing the Pentateuch had lessons for those in this Christian era.

Job when he said "I know that my redeemer lives" gave hope of the resurrection and reassures us that a better day is coming. In addition it leads the Christian to think there is someone there for us.

The daily or hourly privilege of prayer allows us to share our life knowing that our prayers are listened to and that answers will be given to direct our paths especially when new experiences come our way.

Passages of scripture like the Sermon on the Mount help us to aspire to the highest ideals in our dealings with other people by not just looking at what we say and do but the heart condition that brings about such words and deeds. This is because the Christian is "risen with Christ".

Therefore we rejoice in the word of God every day and in our Christian walk as we get to the time when we consider our Lord Jesus' death and resurrection and look forward.