Empty Tomb - raised Triumphant
Raised Triumphant

Out of the shadows, and of the night,
Out of the bane, and of the blight,
Out of the place of the briar and thorn,
A nation appears, a nation is born—for God.

Out of the turbulent tide of time,
Out of an age of fear and crime,
Out of the world's insolvency,
A nation is born for eternity—for God.

Splendoured all with the eastern glow,
Clothed in a cloud, with a moon below,
Wearing robe that his love hath given,
Shining out with the light of heaven—for God.

Noonlight, sunlight and peace without,
Ever ready at love's sweet call,
A nation, the greatest the world has known,
A nation to sit on the glory throne—for God.

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