Into the Light

The darkness has gone for the sun has arisen,
Deep shadows enhancing the beauty of day
And we must throw off the dark cloak of our prison
To bathe in the glory which lightens our way.

Your word, yes, your that brought light out of darkness
Speaks now to my heart to step out of sin's night,
To cast off my shackles of doubt and of sadness.
A new day is dawning. Rejoice in the light.

Through shadows still reach out fingers of sorrow
We turn to the brightness and warmth of the sun,
For here we find healing, fresh strength and strong purpose.
O Light of the World, yes, your kingdom is come.

Pauline Lewis


Truth's like a jewel reflecting the sun,
With colours sublime in each ray,
Or a light for at sea in a tower on the rocks
To guide the great ships on their way.

Poems of the Way