Thought for the Month

Keys are an integral part of modern life. We have keys for our homes and cars. Forgetting or losing our keys can be one of life’s little frustrations. I am sure many of us remember ourselves or a robust brother or sister being posted through a fanlight that had been left ajar, to gain access to the family home. Think of the time we can waste looking for a key that was put somewhere safe for a moment and that we can no longer recall where that safe place is.

The Bible, the word of truth, holds many a key to life, whether it be to explain the existence of God, the history of the ancient world, the plan of God as well as how to live a godly life in this present uncertain and imperfect world.

Keys in Biblical times could be wooden. However from the days of ancient Egypt keys of iron or bronze have been discovered. One early mention of keys appears in the period of the judges and appears in Judges 3 in the time of Othniel and Ehud.

Recently the Great Pyramid in Egypt has been in the news. It has been scanned by some experts who have identified a gap or void above the gallery. This pyramid has fascinated historians and tourists for thousands of years. It can be viewed as a sign that God exists in that the builders must have been informed by God as how to build such a huge structure so long ago without the methods that are used for the last 100 years in many a metropolis from New York to Dubai.

Jesus received the keys of David from his Father and appointed Peter to begin the work he had started from Pentecost. We also can be little keys opening up to and reminding others of those we come into contact with of the precious scriptures, as we endeavour to assist in the ministry of reconciliation.

Peter had a large role in the days of the early church and Peter like Paul travelled around the Roman world preaching and also writing to encourage those ‘of the way’ mainly among the Jewish peoples opening up the gospel like he did for the Roman centurion called Cornelius.

Zechariah was one of the prophets in Israel after the 70 years of exile in Babylon. Such books have left us with prophecies regarding the end times and give us keys to understand things that have happened in recent centuries that were prophesied and things that are in our future.

Therefore every Christian can be glad because of what has been opened unto them.


We could interpret all apparent strife,
And for life’s mysteries could find the key.

Poems of Dawn