Thought for the Month

Rev.3:12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God.

It is almost 500 years since Martin Luther (1483‑1546) published the 'Ninety‑five Theses' and had them nailed to All‑Saints Church in Wittenberg, part of the Holy Roman empire now in in Germany. Luther is one of the most well‑known Protestant Reformers.

He built upon the work of other reformers like John Wycliffe who had very similar views on the authority of the Bible and justification by faith. He also pushed back against the power and rules of the Catholic church in many ways including by marrying and having children and criticising them for raising finance by selling indulgences.

Building metaphors are commonplace in language whether it be English, Greek or Hebrew. A 'brick wall' can be taken to mean any type of barrier. An 'ivory tower' can mean someone who is detached from reality. For someone to be 'a pillar in the temple' is a good and easily understandable biblical metaphor for even a new Christian would be familiar with the Temple in Jerusalem. Even non‑Christians are aware of the 'wailing wall' in Jerusalem. Hence it would not be outrageous to suggest that Luther will be a pillar in the Kingdom.

The virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 would also be a picture of someone who would be a pillar in the Temple of God. One could also add the names of Paul and Titus as potential pillars in the Temple. Paul and Titus did the great work God had planned for in the establishment of the early church working with materials that were common and base and sometimes hostile.

The ones that were worked with were meek and teachable and willing to be moulded and corrected by His loving care and education to become that would be useful in His service.

David also used a building metaphor in Psalm 61 when he talks of God as 'a strong tower' and 'shelter'. These days it is common to hear of someone being called 'a tower of strength' to them when they are going through a time of difficulty in their life.

Therefore it is a matter of joy to realise the protection we have and see the hand of him who is preparing the Church for its future work when the Kingdom has come on earth as in heaven.