Lovest Thou Me?

John 21:17

Jesus, I see Thee led to Calvary,
There to endure, in bitterest agony,
An awful loneliness; that I might be
Set free from sin—'Yes, Lord, I love Thee.'

Saviour, I see Thee silent in the tomb;
Thy followers despairing in the gloom;
The door is closed. That stone has sealed my doom.
It was my death—'Yes, Lord, I love Thee.'

My Lord, I see Thee rising from the dead,
And through the earth Thy radiant light is shed
In darkest places. Death holds no more dread.
This, this is life—'Yes, Lord. I love Thee.'

Someday, my Lord, I'll see Thee come again
With angel hosts, o'er all the earth to reign;
I'll see an end to sin, and grief, and pain,
In that great day—'Yes, Lord, I love Thee.'


Maurice Cox