Angels Don't Stay Long


If an angel stopped by-what would you say?
How would you pass—that time of day?
For angels and humans live so far apart.
What it comes down to, is mostly the heart.

Angels live in a grand heavenly domain,
Every human desire, they do really disdain:
Their minds and their hearts are set on God's things,
They're so different, and not just because they have wings.

Have you noticed, in scripture, their visits are short?
When they come to the earth, to give a report ;
They're so very prompt, and straight to the point,
Their feet, they never do set out of joint-

For angels tread only where they have to go,
You will rarely—if ever—see one below;
What a lesson they give us, so obedient they are,
As they shine for God's glory—each one a bright star.

Rosemary Page