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March & April

Vol.88, No.2

Published March 1st 2011

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"Some weave a veil of doctrine which screens the Saviour from their eyes. It is emblazoned with creeds, definitions and orthodox statements of truth. It is not Christ, but doctrines about Christ which inspire them. The death of Christ rather than the Christ who died; the resurrection rather than the risen one; the priesthood rather than the Priest. The correctness of our notions about the Saviour may even cause us to miss the Saviour Himself." F B Meyer

Studies in 1 John
Part 20
Joseph in Egypt
Part 4
Jewels for the
Lord of Hosts
Portrait of
an Overcomer
As He had said A Living Faith
Makrothumia Miriam
The Lifting up of Jesus Why hast Thou forsaken?
Some Bible Quotations Book Corner - Students?

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