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Legal Questions

A Bible Quiz

1. What is perfect and revives the soul?

2. Who is the man like a tree by the water?

3. What is the benefit of God opening our eyes?

4. Where is the law to be found under the new covenent with Israel?

5. What justification did the Jews claim for killing Jesus?

6. What came through Moses and what came through Jesus Christ?

7. What is by no means abolished?

8. Why does keeping the law not put men right with God?

9. What law sets me free?

10.What principle sums up all the law?

The following scriptures may be useful: Psalm 1.2,3; 19.7; 119.18; Jeremiah 31.33; Matthew 5.17; John 1.17; 19.7; Romans 3.20; 8.2; 13.10.


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