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The Gift of Pain

Paul Brand

- not only a student but a servant

'My joy is unrelenting pain.' Paul Brand, the surgeon who pioneered work in the rehabilitation of people with leprosy, wrote a book 'The Gift of Pain' which is even more fascinating than the title. It is really his life story which began in the mountains of southern India. Son of missionaries, Paul was brought up in a home where values of the spiritual and natural worlds were much more important than the gaudy luxuries of western affluent society.

His work among those suffering from leprosy centred in a life-long study of the human nervous system. He restored patients to normal life and at last convinced medical colleagues across the world of the true nature of leprosy.

Into all his very remarkable life was woven the strong fabric of being a committed Christian. He accomplished so much because of his walk daily with his Lord. Into his personal story of work in India and later in the USA, Paul threads colourful strands of Christian philosophy and ethics. Yet it is not a difficult book to read and a little effort to understand his professional descriptions is amply rewarded by clear lessons for the Christian life.

The book was published by TLM, the trading branch of the Leprosy Mission, but is now out of print.