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The following eulogy was written many years ago by a Christian minister as depicting the aspect from which the typical thinking citizen of Pagan Rome regarded the Christians of that day. Although that assumption may or may not be justified, surely we would in our day ask for nothing better than that we should be regarded in the way expressed in these words.

'Mysterious people', might the perplexed and pensive heathen say within himself "Mysterious people. Moving amongst us and yet not seeming to be of us. Passing through the world without seeming to be deeply concerned in its forms and fashions, its prizes or rewards; tranquil amidst is contentions; humble amidst its pomp; silent amidst its bondage. Wrapped up, it would appear, in thoughts of your own; happy in yourselves, and never so happy as when shedding quiet blessings on all around you. How have your ways won me, durst I by say so. How has your simple character told its tale to me, more touchingly than all the arguments of philosophy, more convincingly than all the logic of the schools? How have you almost persuaded me to be a Christian?