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Just a Thought

A collection of thoughts

The Divine Outlook.

For a correct estimate of the present times, and a true conception of future events, we must have a clear understanding of the things that are past. We are in danger of living too much in the present, and of looking upon the Divine activities as if they were haphazard or accidental as our own always are, save as we are under the control of the Spirit of God.

We seem to have contracted the idea that in the history of the race God has been making experiments with men; and that when one plan has failed, He has adopted another. Such false conceptions arise from the fact that, mentally and spiritually, we live too much in the circle of our own times, and are forgetful of all that has gone before. The corrective is found in studying history from the Divine standpoint. Nothing yields a more chaotic, uncertain, and unsatisfactory result than a view merely from the human side; while, on the contrary, order, beauty, and progress are seen only as we take the Divine outlook.

Rev.G.Camphell Morgan - God's Methods with Man - Morgan and Scott



 God dwells in perfect peace because of his ability to see the end from the beginning, and because of his power to accomplish that which He designed to perform.



All the studying we may do will not make us disciples; only taking up the cross can do this. We can learn a lot from books but following him is the vital thing.



'Are you having trouble with 'truth-decay'? Brush up on your Bible'

‑ Jim Watson

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"With one accord!" The day had brought

Its vexing cares, its anxious thoughts;

With labour worn, with doubts perplexed,

With toils and troubles sorely vexed;

When evening brought its hour of prayer,

With sweet accord we gathered there.

"The door was shut!" "With one accord"

We kneeled before our risen Lord;

Some needed strength, some needed peace,

Some prayed that wrongs and woes might cease;

All needed Christ, and Christ was there.



Travellers we needs must be, since here we have no continuing city, but it is left to us to determine whether as aimless wanderers we will journey along the road of life or whether it shall be as pilgrims that we will take that we will take that road. The pilgrim is he who has the wishing heart; who has seen a vision of the City of God and has willed to seek it along the pilgrim's way. His heart like a compass is ever pointing to that city of his fondest hopes.



Every member, in proportion as it is in harmony with the head and its spirit of love for the members, will be prompt to act. Somewhat in our human bodies the hand may stretch forth assistance to the injured member so quickly that it seems impossible to conceive that the message first went to the head, and that our hand was subsequently directed by the head to assist; and so it is with the members of the body of Christ


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